Side Hinged Garage Doors


porte de garage battanteSide Hinged/Swing Garage Doors

Among the simplest systems for garage doors with some of the lowest maintenance costs, our range of side hinged/swing garage doors are second to none in the South West. With many years worth of experience in installing side hinged doors, we are able to make recommendations, supply doors, carry out all fitting works and conduct repairs, if your existing doors are no longer in their prime. At Abbot Garage Doors, our side hinged/swing garage doors are made to measure for non-standard garage openings and we keep an extensive number of standard ones for conventionally proportioned garages in stock, too.

When Internal Space Is At A Minimum

Many of our clients in the South West¬†choose side hinged garage doors because of their sheer practicality. This can sometimes be down to the fact that they are quick to access when parking a car, but it is often also down to the lifestyles many people now have when their garage is used for a purpose other than storing a vehicle. For example, hinged doors tend to be favoured when the internal space is fully used for an additional storage room in the home which tends to suit outward swinging doors that don’t take up any of the internal area, when opened. Whether your garage is used to store a freezer, works as a laundry room or serves as a home gymnasium or office, side hinged doors can be very beneficial.

Lightweight & Strong Doors

Our choice off high-quality side hinged/swing garage doors includes GRP, or glass reinforced polyester, which is a low maintenance material that appears just like real timber. Offering a luxurious appearance, GRP offers an exceptional degree of strength, but is lightweight and is easy to open and close. In addition, the material is hand-made from polyester resin which means it can fit any size of garage. For additional rigidity and security, these doors can be fitted with encapsulated steel stiffeners.

Impact Resistant

In addition, our rage of swing garage doors includes ABS, a tough but highly flexible PVCu material. Used in products as widely available as car bumpers, this material is the most impact resistant when it is made into a garage door, perfect if you have a limited amount of space on your driveway because it will not show dents. Furthermore, ABS affords a low maintenance, yet attractive finish and a deep crisp panel detail, so it is great at offering a close match to existing PVCu window frames that might already be fitted in your home.

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